Introduction image of the CAL—Veille project


2020.06 — interactive device — interface design — digital ecology

CAL—Veille is a luminous device allowing its user to keep an eye on their digital habits. As more light is shed on our digital habits' impact on environment, CAL—Veille is a way to understand and care.

Introduction image of the explaining Box project (box, laptop)

The explaining Box

2019.09 — object — interactive device — vulgarization

Interactive wooden box created for an augmented conference on quantum physics, presented by physicist and scientific popularizer Julien Bobroff at the Mouffetard theatre in Paris, in September 2019. In collaboration with Chloé Michel and Naïs Hoang.

Introduction image to the drone.exe project


2018.10 — experimentation — installation

Experimental project with a drone, in collaboration with François Desole.

Introduction image to the ÉCHO project (cover of the book)


2018.05 — typographic manifesto — screenprinting

Typographic experiment based on Zuzanna Licko's Modula Round Serif, exploring how screen printing can change a letter’s shape.

Introduction image to the Faire danser les pixels project (3D environment)

Faire danser les pixels

2018.04 — interactive device — virtual reality

Interactive installation and virtual reality environment transcribing the webcam signal through Processing. Making of a video to show how the device works. In collaboration with Amélie Vorms.

Introduction image to the Expérience Diaghilev project (tablet with the splashscreen of the app)

L'expérience Diaghilev

2018.03 — interactive application — cultural mediation

Application designed to introduce a younger audience to the work of Russian Sergei Diaghilev, who revolutionized French ballet in the first part of the 20th century. Project designed for the 2018 Creative Code Festival, in partnership with the Centre Pompidou and in collaboration with Marie Gélix.

Introduction image to the Digital surrealism project (book)

Digital surrealism

2018.02 — augmented book

Augmented book (thanks to HP Reveal) which updates the surrealists’ automatic writing process by applying it to links made on the web.

Introduction image to the UNO-Speakeasy project (playing cards)

UNO - Speakeasy

2017.05 — card game — application

Special edition for the 25th anniversary of the famous card game UNO.


I'm Alexiane, digital graphic designer.
After my DSAA in Design and Digital Creation at the École Estienne in Paris, I am starting a masters degree in Creative Industries and Digital Mediation.
I am one third of the CAL—LAC collective, with whom I question the possibility of a digital ecology.