Sheitan Shiatsu

2019.10 — object — interactive device — anti-well-being

Presentation image with project logo

The idea developed by the Souffrologists (Minh Boutin, Jean-Baptiste Krauss, Chloé Michel and myself) was to create an interactive gaming experience that would promise its user a relaxing session, but would end up being its opposite. The images and videos were shot to reproduce the cliché aesthetic of a relaxing yoga session, but were edited to create as much visual stimulation and disorientation as possible, making the user confused, excited and bored.
The player's goal is to imitate the instructor's yoga poses on screen. Initially set at 100, the player's score decreases if he is too unbalanced. The game ends when this number reaches 0: at this point, the player's playing time is recorded on a scoreboard.

The game is set up in such a way that it is practically impossible to finish without losing, which is a source of irritation even for the best players. The player who can hold on the longest is the winner.
The first version of Sheitan Shiatsu used a single spring-mounted interactive yoga mat, a large flashing strobe light connected to a piezoelectric microphone underneath the yoga mat, set up so that the player's movements trigger violent bursts of light in the display area, as well as speakers and a computer-controlled video projection.
On other occasions, Sheitan Shiatsu has been used with a bluetooth headset and without a strobe.

Technical sketch of the device Technical sketch of the device Yoga board dismantled Assembling of the board