In Tempore

2019.01 — object - augmented reality - cultural mediation

Someone using the device

"In 2419, one hundred years after the great migration, humanity has left the Earth. All memories were destroyed in order to avoid repeating errors of the past.
One day, twelve strangers receive a strange message telling them they must retrieve a capsule somewhere, in search of their origin.
One day, someone will read."
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In Tempore is the time capsule containing humanity’s perception of time in 2019. It is inspired, in its form as well as in its content, by Einstein's theory of relativity, and more broadly by our current perception of the passage of time. The box itself is cylindrical and flexible, allowing distortions and therefore echoing those of space and time. Inside, the spectator, active in the discovery of the capsule, finds 10 cylinders of different heights and diameters, as well as chalk. With the help of this material, he is invited to schematically represent his vision of time: for some, it materializes as a day, for others as a life... Finally, the user can scan numbers on the cylinders, in order to penetrate 3 colored environments where time is suspended. At the end of this mediation time, users are invited to pose with their vision of time, to leave a mark.
The experience, accompanied by a short story, is designed to initiate a reflection on the passage of time and to put into perspective the differences in perception between each person.

Time capsule and its content Example of a use of the cylinders Mediation during the Nuit de la lecture Cylinder being augmented Colored environments Polaroid of the time capsule staging Polaroid of a spectator with their  vision of time Polaroid of a spectator with their  vision of time Polaroid of a spectator with their  vision of time